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 {Xbox360} Ninja Blade

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PostSubject: {Xbox360} Ninja Blade   Wed Mar 11, 2009 2:47 pm

Found this and it looks like it could be a pretty sweet game:

Quote :
What's the game about? Besides first-person shooters and racing
games, the Xbox 360 has a few other bases totally covered, and those
would be in the areas of pinatas and ninjas, two "genres" in which one
could correctly assume have met their annual quotas. Think about it. If
some other developer/publisher besides Rare/Microsoft released a pinata
game for Xbox 360, you'd probably think, "Why?" And so, upon seeing
From Software's Ninja Blade at Microsoft's Daitabashi offices in Tokyo,
we also asked, "Why?" In development for almost three years, it's
obvious that From Software's Ninja Blade team knew that they were going
to inevitably be compared to Tecmo's Ninja Gaiden II
but they sallied forth regardless, intent on bringing their own brand
of hack and slash to Microsoft's console. The game is almosty literally
an evenly split hybrid of Ninja Gaiden (circa Team Ninja), Devil May Cry, and, uh, Spider-Man.

Quote :
The game takes place in a slightly futuristic Tokyo, in which the game
hopes to set itself apart from other, similar games, by offering a
wealth of battles in which the game's protagonist, Ken (designed by
Lost Planet character designer, Keiji Nakaoka) involves himself in
high-flying combat that finds him running down the sides of skyscrapers
while slaughtering his enemies. Ninja Blade features real-time weapon
switching -- something even Ninja Gaiden II didn't provide -- but is
made somewhat easier by the fact that he only has three weapons to
switch between: Katana (fast, versatile attacks, can pierce enemies
with lunging thrusts), Souken (dual swords that are wielded, variously,
like nunchaku, or like Ivy of Soul Calibur's
whip/swords), and Taiken (a giant broadsword, useful for shattering
enemy shields). The city of Tokyo has been infected by parasites which
transform both humans and animals into zombie-like monsters called
"Carriers." The weapons can be upgraded using the collected blood of
Ken's enemies, and he has two basic attacks, normal attack (mapped to
the X button) and special attacks (mapped to the Y button). Quicktime
events pepper the cinematic interludes that split up the primary combat
segments, and the game is mission-based, moving from one stage to
another once all of the primary objectives (like "Defeat all the
Carriers") have been completed.

Quote :
Ken also has a dash move that leaves behind a glowing trail as
he moves forward, and has something called "Ninja Vision," which is
basically bullet-time for ninjas in the world of Ninja Blade. Ninja
Vision slows down everything around Ken, allowing him to dodge attacks,
and also exposes enemy weaknesses, especially on bosses, which appear
as white areas. The giant spider boss, which punctuates the first
level, is a good example. When it brings its giant claws crashing down
to the ground, it sends out shockwaves in the direction of Ken the
ninja. Using Ninja Vision, Ken can easily dodge, avoid, and/or jump
over the shockwaves, while racing towards the spider's weak spots (its
legs), and using the Taiken broadsword to shatter the spider's
protective carapace off of its legs. Once the soft meat is revealed
inside, the player can then use any of Ken's faster weapons to batter
the spider's exposed musculature until it is defeated. During the
battle, certain Quicktime button prompts will appear, offering Ken the
opportunity to dodge, attack, or "Wire" (which is like the Ninja Blade
equivalent of using tow cables in a Star Wars movie, to swing around
the spider and kick it in the head, via a scripted, cinematic,
game-engine cut-scene). Failing to execute a Quicktime "cinematic
event" results in a predictable penalty to Ken's progress in a battle,
although these penalties are rarely fatal. Ken also has ninjutsu, like
the Cyclone Shuriken, a deadly move which can do area-of-effect wind
damage, or can be used to target a single, specific enemy.


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PostSubject: Re: {Xbox360} Ninja Blade   Thu Mar 12, 2009 11:49 am

looks the shit, think I will try to doctor my 360 as I dont buy that many 360 games
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{Xbox360} Ninja Blade
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