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I eat posts for breakfast
I eat posts for breakfast

PostSubject: Cryten   Mon Feb 02, 2009 1:05 am

Hi, Kev here.

Currently known as Cryten, I've gone through several name changes in past 9 years, I was the original Blackknight on TF Classic way back when it was the best game since....well ever. Joined a small clan of local lads playing Delta Force Land Warrior and Call of Duty at start of 2003, We then as a group joined the Clan Wolfpack later that year, Almost immediately after joining I found my love for MMO's with the game Star Wars Galaxies (before the New Game Enhancement and Combat Upgrade which ruined the game) which I played alongside several other clan members, we all then progressed onto WoW which I have played since day of release substituted from time to time with EvE Online, Lord of the Rings Online and Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning.

Parted company with Clan Wolfpack at end of 2007 due to a disagreement with the Clan Leader (some would say it was petty, but I was very annoyed with his comments and we'll leave it at that)

Since then myself and several other ex CWP member have been knocking about playing WoW, LOTRO, EvE and WAR along with some CoD every now and again.

Looking forward to a few future MMO's including Star Wars The Old Republic, WH40k and possibly Jumpgate Evolution (if I get on the beta and like it)

Well thats basically me in a nutshell, an MMO Whore with slight leanings towards FPS

In addition away from gaming, I'm normally watching movies.. Used to study Wing Chun but had to give that up due to operation on my jaw and another problem elsewhere
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