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 Custom Air filters

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I know where the Submit button is
I know where the Submit button is

PostSubject: Custom Air filters   Fri Jan 02, 2009 5:34 pm

how to make some custom air filters to go on to your intake fans

1) step 1, Ask to borrow your girlfriends old tights, this may result in a rather interesting converstion on why you want them Laughing .
A 10-15 denier is fine
Denier is the term used to describe how fine the tight is, the lower the denier the sheerer the product.
BTW i had to look that up online study

2) cut out the tight into a square so it will fit over your intake fan.
3)Using a rubber band or even some supper glue attach the tight to the outside frame of the fan, make sure you stretch the tight material ! ensure the fan is not in direct contact with your new air filter (tights) as it will jam.
4) NOTE: some supper glues may eat through the tights.
5)Depending on what type of pc case you have your front bezzle may remove from the front of your pc case and you may be able to place the tights around the front of your case behind the bezzle covering over any intake holes that have been pre-drilled by the case manufacturer.
6)NOTE: there is no need for filters on exhaust fans as you are blowing air out and this will be hot/warm air and this needs to escape freely so your pc stays cool.
7)3D Gamerman really loves air filters on pc cases, i think nylon would be right up his street.
8)Foam air filters are great also but be careful on how thick the foam is if your are going to use foam you find used for packaging, as this foam my not let air flow inside your case freely and will up set the air flow in your system and cause you overheating problems, also your fans will be working harder to suck more, place a piece of foam over your exhaust fan and have a listen?
( foam for filtering air can be bought online or DIY store )
I personally would not use foam as i think it restricts air flow to much and would use something similar to what your tumble dryer uses to catch all the fibres from your clothes
(Ask your Girlfriend or mum )

Hope this has been of some use to anyone who is bored and wants to reduce the dust in there pc.
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Custom Air filters
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