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 See we aint the only ones

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PostSubject: See we aint the only ones   Wed Nov 19, 2008 12:24 pm

Some stuff taken from varous webbys reguarding


Quote :
Walking my neighbourhood streets, I'm on my guard. I'm looking
everywhere, spying into front gardens, down alleyways, behind me,
around corners and underneath cars. Then, when I see one, because I will
see one, I freeze. I don't know what to do. The fox doesn't run away.
It never fucking runs away! It will sit itself down and stare at Jack,
and then stare at me. Sometimes I'm twenty feet away, sometimes I'm
two. And each time it happens I don't know what to do. I won't take my
eyes off the fox for fear it will attack my useless lump of a dog who
does nothing but pull on his lead a bit because he's growing impatient
as I slowly pull him back with me as I retrace my steps, never looking
away from the fox. Playing a game of stareouts with a fucking fox.

despite being the human being complete with opposable thumbs, I will
take a different route and flee the fox. I don't run though. Running
makes it harder to look around and check if the fox is chasing.

Jack's walks are becoming something of a nightmare. For me because of
the foxes, and for him because I keep cutting the length and number of
times a week they happen.

Obviously I need to Man Up and deal with this. But, fuck me, foxes are scary.

Quote :

Fox invasion fear grips Tasmania

By Phil Mercer

BBC News, Sydney

Tasmania is intensifying its controversial war against an invisible yet
potentially destructive foe - the European red fox.

Officials in the southern
Australian state believe numbers are increasing and plan to spend up to
A$50m ($43m) on an eradication campaign.
Foxes could decimate ground-nesting birds and some native rodents.
But sceptics insist the government has been hoodwinked by hoaxers bringing fox carcasses from the mainland.
No-one knows how many foxes there are, if any, in Tasmania.
The official estimate is between 50 and 200.
The state government is convinced that these voracious creatures have
made it to the "Apple Isle" as stowaways on cargo boats from the
mainland or brought in by smugglers.
To counter the threat, a special taskforce has been set up.
It claims to have hard evidence of fox activity, including the remains
of three animals found on roads as well as droppings and footprints.
There have been hundreds of alleged sightings but there is no concrete proof, however, that pregnant vixens or cubs are present.
Sceptics believe that the government's evidence is flimsy and blame pranksters for creating this panic.
Tasmanians do have good reason to cast a worried look north towards the mainland.
According to experts, there are 30 million foxes across the Australian continent.
They were introduced by European settlers and are thought to have
played a major part in the extinction of at least 23 native species.
Story from BBC NEWS:

Quote :

Fox and Mouse
Mizarian mice will even mate with non-anthropomorphic partners such as
wild Vulpeculan foxes! This is actually an ancient Zirien ritual,
designed to help overcome the fear of wild predators. Mice-people still
have an inherent fear of foxes, inherited from their wild mouse
ancestors. Like selkies, the Vulpeculan wild foxes are really a kind of
fairy that can take on the appearance of a fox; there are no true foxes
anywhere in the Vulpeculan system.
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See we aint the only ones
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