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CoD4 Clan Server
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 Ranks and Unlocks for multiplayer

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PostSubject: Ranks and Unlocks for multiplayer   Thu Jul 03, 2008 12:39 pm

CoD4 Ranks Every Thing You Need to Know

CoD4 ranks, this feature is finding its way into many FPS not just Call of Duty. Its good news for us because it creates replay value
and gives you some thing to play for. The leveling in call of duty is
pretty fast compared to other games. In this guide I'll go over fast
ways to level and what unlocks come along the way.

CoD4 Ranks Level 1 - 10

Bottom of the ladder, we all gotta start some where right? At first
your only going to have a few classes to choose from; Assault, Spec Ops,
and Heavygunner. Spec ops is the best way to cruise through the first
10 levels of CoD. Find a server on DM or TDM. This way you learn how to
handle your gun, and the maps. Once you hit level 10 you"ll unlock
worth while features in "create a class".

Don't worry the first 10 levels go by fast, most people knock them out in one or two days. After
hitting level 10 its time to head to create a class. You have unlocked
the M4 and AK47, I highly recommend the M4 for begginers. For perks
equip 3xNades, Stopping Power, and Steady Aim.

Demo class - 2
Sniper class - 3
Challenges - 5
Skorpion - 4
RPD - 4
W1200(shotty) - 2
AK47 - 4
M21 - 8
M40A3 - 3
RPG-7 - 2
Laststand - 8
M4 Carbine - 10

CoD4 ranks 11-20

Now that you have a custom kit with good perks and a decent weapon you
should venture into Search and Destroy. If your still learning the maps
stick to TDM. Search and destroy is the fastest
way to climb in CoD4 ranks. They just throw XP at you, every kill is 50
points even damage assists are 20. Defusing or planting the bomb is 100
points.The M4 and MP5 are some of the better weapons in CoD4, try both
and see which one you prefer more.Leveling is going to slow down a bit with higher rank, but you've unlocked some CoD4 Challenges.
These are nice for getting a point boost every once in a while, and
give you some thing fun to aim for. A lot of these you will accomplish
through normal play so try not to worry about them too much for now.

Clan Tag (Console) - 12
M1911 - 16
Mini Uzi - 13
M60E4 - 19
Bomb Squad - 14
UAV Jammer - 11
Martydom - 17

CoD4 Ranks 21-40

You will unlock some Call of duty gold in these levels. If youre a fan of sniping you get the R700 and iron lungs. There are two good SMGs that unlock in this range, the P90 and the AK74u.

My favorite Perk 1 Bandolier is unlocked here, a must for fast shooting
SMGs. Even though leveling has slowed down again Search and Destroy is
still going to make you the most points for your time. Moving to TDM and completing a few easy challenges is a good idea also.

P90 - 40
AK74u - 28
m1014(shotty) - 31
G3 - 25
G36c - 37
SVD - 22
R700 - 34
claymore - 23
bandolier - 32
Double tap - 29
OverKill - 38
Iron Lungs - 26
Claymore - 23
Eavesdrop - 35

CoD4 Ranks 41-54

By the time you reach this point you've done most of the work. The best unlock here is probably the Desert Eagle, this things almost as stong as some primary weapons. The Barrret .50cal isent to bad, but i still prefer the R700.

To try and move the XP train along you should find some DM or TDM servers and start doing the Marksman/Expert challenges for each primary weapon. Once you finish these it will be faster to rank back in Search and Destroy.

Desert Eagle - 43
M14 - 46
MP44 - 52
Barret .50 - 49
Frag 3 Grenades - 41
Dead Silence - 44

CoD4 Ranks 55

The light at the end of the Call of Duty 4 rank tunnel... unless your
playing on console then you've got 10 more of these lined up heh.
Prestige mode can be fun if you get bored pistol whipping fools with
the gold deag. Sit back and enjoy playing CoD4 with any weapon you feel like busting out.

Golden Desert Eagle - 55

*Original source

"My fists bleed death!!!"

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Ranks and Unlocks for multiplayer
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